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  • May 6, 2015

    Greetings.  From San Francisco, hell-harped convenience / greed (axis) World Capitol…!  Why, they make it hard on a fellow and it just makes you wanna write on the wall.  A real old fashioned wall, like- “when the revolution comes all this will be ass out” or “fuck email”, “abandon your role in the convenience movement” and “SF Electric Can Opener Crosswalk” etc etc until black-out, wondering about breath, stop-dreaming of a David and Goliath reverse pantomime performed before an entire Kezar full of smoothed out VCs, distracted under a sky the size of a raindrop, spinning towards the small patch of pavement, painted and re-painted grey- very SF.


    Well, we are here to report that:

    PEACERS is a band.

    see you THERE.